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T Squared Equine Blanket Repair & Laundry is a family owned business located in Lexington, OK. We have been involved in the equine world for over 30 years and value the well being of your horses as much as our own. 


LAUNDRY-We only use products that were developed specifically for cleaning the type of dirt, grime, sweat, manure, urine, and oil based sprays that those in the equine world are far to familiar with. Although they are extremely effective at cleaning, these products are safe for the equine and are formulated without harsh detergents, chemicals, and softeners and leave no residue to irritate their sensitive skin.  We invest in the product we feel will produce the best results while being safe for the horse and safe for the blanket. We understand the cost of  your horse ware and strive to maintain the integrity of the fabric to help extend the life of the items you send to us. The products we use are  formulated to work best in cold water. Cold water wash is what is recommended on most care labels. We air dry your blankets and do not dry your blanket in a dryer as it can cause shrinkage, damage the waterproofing and fibers, and is not recommended by most horse blanket manufacturers. In extremely humid conditions we may finish off the drying process in the dryer with no heat if absolutely necessary.  

REPAIRS- We will do our best to match material, color, and hardware. There are times that we receive items that are very faded and we will match as closely as possible. We also realize that the cost of repairs can at times exceed the value of the blanket, in these cases we will contact you prior to making the repairs. All items must be clean to be repaired. 

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